Here at Little Hands Design CIC we are a team of like-minded fashion, textiles and arts loving people! From left to right Vikkie (fashion design), Brandy (fashion design), Tailor Dummy aka Layla, Jaime (costume and dressmaking), Loredana (office and marketing assistant), Tailor Dummy aka Aga (embroiderer) , Shilpa (fashion design, label: House of Bilimoria), Astrid (director of Little Hands). We are a friendly and enthusiastic bunch that love to create!

We put the life back into life skills!

By learning the rules, you can break the rules! We have developed our own methods, tricks and tips to create pieces that can run head to head with the ‘Professionals’…

Let’s do it the Little Hands’ way!!!

handdrawnlogo-smallLittle Hands Design approaches the fashion industry from the opposite end of the garment creation process. Rather than a focus on research, conception and design drawing, Little Hands finds its niche in providing students with practical skills and a way of approaching problems which enables them to find solutions for themselves. Our work is project based, the skills and the way in which you are encouraged to approach any difficulties along the way are universally transferable. You will learn to work things out for yourself and find your own solutions rather than merely providing you with steps which you blindly follow and forget immediately. You gain a practical approach and a deep understanding of how designing and making works, acquired through trying and doing and questioning what you do and how you go about it. The skill set gained at the courses is invaluable and means that when you begin to design you are constantly thinking about how what you imagine or draw can be realised. Some would say that this limits your creativity, but an individual well informed of what is possible when dealing with different materials is actually far less limited, as at the end of the day people can’t say to you: ‘that design can’t be made’ (and if they do, you turn around and say: ‘yes, it can if you do X, Y and Z’).

We enjoy having a platform to help each individuals’ unique style to emerge instead of working with the confines of ‘what is in’ or ‘trendy’. Get personal with your projects and see what you CAN DO!



Having been at Little Hands for many years and also having experienced the 16-18 year old courses offered by universities which I’ve been anticipating for years, I’ve discovered a real appreciation from everything I have learnt at the courses. Little Hands sits in a niche in the education side of the Fashion Industry which I feel is idiotically overlooked by so many who want to go into fashion. Little Hands is not about teaching you how to imagine and draw pictures which give a feeling of a garment without getting anywhere close to what it will actually look like, it is about providing you with invaluable skills both physical and mental which enable you to follow through in the design process and actually realise your ideas.

Little Hands teaches through a series of projects, but you build up a set of skills that is transferable from project to project both within the course and outside it, as well as having something physical at the end of the day (or week) as a reward for your efforts. The teachers never answer the question ‘what do I do now’, you have to make a suggestion and in doing that you’ve had to think for yourself about what you’re doing and why. This develops a much deeper understanding of garment construction and also a way of approaching problems in anything which breeds curiosity, an open mind, and someone who is ready to think for themselves and come up with their own way of solving things.

I frankly can’t stand most of the people I meet at fashion college courses now and I have Little Hands to blame for this. I simply can’t understand how these people who have probably never made a garment in their life think they can design clothing! I’ve never worked with bricks or cement; I shouldn’t be trusted to design a house, so why should we trust someone to design clothing if they’ve never worked with fabric and thread? How your design is made is not someone else’s problem, it’s yours and you may not yet know how to solve it, but if you’ve been to Little Hands you know how to approach the challenge.


long time Little Hands’ Student (16)