Left: Goldwork, Dolce and Gabbana AW12

Progress your embroidery: Goldwork technique/Embroidery Surgery

Goldwork is dating back over 1000 years when it was mainly used in religious ceremony. Today it is still used to a great effect in fashion industry.

Goldwork embroidery uses a wide variety of metal threads including gilt copper and silver.

We will be exploring this stunning technique is our five weeks course. Gaby will take you from the preparation of padding, thru to applying couching, chipping, cut work and other embroidery techniques. We will explore the use of a wide variety of metal threads such as Passing, Twist, Pearl Purl, Spangles, Japanese Threads, Rococco, Bright Check, Rough Purl, Smooth Purl and Broad Plate.

This  course will also allow you to bring your embroidery projects you might have issues finishing or just need a little help with. Don’t hesitate to bring it along with you! 

Students need to bring their own hoop – can be purchased from this site below for £13.22 incl VAT..http://www.barnyarns.co.uk/Classic-Seat-Stand-with-8-20cm-Fixed-Hoop-pr-26618.html Students will receive a pack of specialist threads and needles required for goldwork against a £5.- surcharge.

Course starts wednesday the 22nd of May, 7-9pm, 5 weeks. Click here to book!