Typically, when most people think of fashion, interactive and educational are not the first words that come to their minds. However, the fashion shoot at Little Hands Design proves that assumption wrong.


Children and teens alike braved the cold on a bright Sunday morning to model their handiwork, which they made in their classes at Little Hands Design. The fashion shoot provided the students of fashion the full fashion shoot experience, including hair, makeup, and the opportunity to shoot photos and adjust the lighting themselves, just like professional fashion photographers.


In addition to sewing the clothes they were modeling themselves, the students also learned new skills at the Little Hands Design fashion shoot. Instead of simply posing for photos while the photographers took the pictures, students were able to interact with photographer Daniel Sellam and learn the basics of photography, including how to use reflectors to adjust the lighting. In fact, each student was able to model, take pictures, and hold the reflective devices during the fashion shoot. They were incredibly eager to learn from Sellam and his assistant, Vini, who were both very adept at teaching the students how to use their newly acquired photography skills.


Even our adult students came to join in!


Of course, no fashion shoot is complete without hair and makeup. Students who were shy about having their picture taken blossomed as they left the makeup station with intricate designs that made their confidence rise. Makeup artist Reena Bass adorned the students with her avant garde makeup designs and gave them skin, hair, and makeup tips as well. Bass is quite passionate about passing on her knowledge of skin care, which is why she is currently in the process of setting up a skin care advising session for the teen clients at Little Hands Design.


The fashion shoot at Little Hands Design was a teaching tool to educate clients about the elements of a professional fashion shoot. The fashion shoot was definitely a smash success, and it most certainly won’t be the last. If anyone wants to learn more about fashion, a class at Little Hands Design is an absolute must.


Little Hands Design offers a wide variety of classes for a wide range of students, including special midterm and Easter holiday classes. It’s the place to go if you want a hands on learning experience. As founder of Little Hands Design Astrid Jacoby once said, “you learn more when you try yourself.”