My daughter Jessamy (14 yrs) much enjoyed her sessions at Little Hands last week! I was so impressed with the cushion and garments she brought home. The extra detailing ‘lifted’ her work to an impressive level and in just four afternoon sessions!! I have been sewing since childhood and she has learned skills that make my work look basic! She suggests we come along to your studio and do a course together!! Thanks again! She definitely wants to come back to Little Hands and do some more advanced work – she was very inspired by what the other teenagers who were with you last week were producing!’

So great! Thank you so much! Westley and Kayla had SO MUCH fun! I just can’t believe that we’ve not done one of your classes until now! But so glad we have. And thank you so much for Westley’s Starter of the Week award! He is so chuffed! In fact, Westley would like to sign up for after school class on Wednesdays 4pm (Clothes and Accessories). In truth, Kayla would like to sign up too, but she is worried that she will have too much homework. He is SO PROUD of his work and refuses to take his trousers and shirt off! It’s great!

Thank you so much for making it such a fun week for them – they learned so much and are so full of confidence and pride. It’s great to see.

Chloe had a wonderful time this week, and was very flattered by her prize for the wrap top. She has been beavering away at home with Imogen’s sewing machine, and bits of fabric… inspired.

Morgan absolutely LOVED the class this past week. She had so much fun – and is so proud of everything she made (as am I!).
Thanks again for everything. You have ignited a passion in Morgan that has been so rewarding to see.

Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic week, my girls really enjoyed, I was amazed by what they could do, as were they I think. Such fun!

You run such a great club. I am so impressed by everything little hands offer.

However, we also had an anonymous complaint a parent has placed with the Council about us asking students to leave the toilets as found even if this includes using a toilet brush. We wanted to apologise that we did not let parents know that this will be part of ‘the educational experience’ at Little Hands. Our thinking is that if parents think their children mature enough to come to a class using electric sewing machines than we can expect them to use all tools including a toilet brush in a responsible manner. We do provide antibacterial hand wash and offer assistance to 6-8 year olds. As advised by the Council we have now added this to our Terms and Conditions’. Although we would have wished for the parent to approach us directly we are grateful to have been reminded how important transparency is when teaching young people!