With every purchase you are contributing to our charitable work, helping us to increase the number of bursaries we can offer to disadvantaged kids or adults,  supporting our work with refugees, subsidising our school projects.

To say thank you to all our clients and their great support we invite you all to FREE Tea, Coffee and homemade Cakes and Biscuits and hope you will enjoy a relaxing yet inspiring afternoon with us!

Who remembers a time when the festive season was about cosy afternoons inside, carols and crafts.. the weeks of Advent to wind down and snuggle up on the sofa and spend time with the family, a time where children gave their parents handmade presents, grandma’s knitted jumpers for their little ones?


How many of us get sucked into the mad rush of preparing, spending too much money on things which may even get returned straight away, waste large amounts on wrapping paper etc. Here are some facts:

  • apparently over 30% of people receive unwanted gifts
  • the average value of unwanted gifts is £155.- (!) (Triodos Bank) 
  • 30 % additional wastage is being created during the festive season (House Beautiful)

Every year the students at Little Hands are putting the magic back into the festive season – just look at how this little girl has planned out how to make a present for everyone in her family!


The excitement of creating a handmade present, that does not have to cost very much, is infectious – and this is an infection we certainly want to spread!!!!  Here at Little Hands Design we are all about creating things we love and cherish.  In a recent article the Guardian highlighted that exactly that emotional value attached to the things we have, makes a huge difference to ourselves and the environment. We think giving presents is one of the loveliest gestures amongst humans!





Here are some examples of the lovely kits we have prepared:








We particularly like our ‘Textile Gift Wrapping’ Pack with lots of materials and ribbons to use again and again.  There will be fabric for sale, packs of different crafting materials, design and make your own sets.

You can’t buy our unique ‘Design & Make’ kits in any shop, every set is lovingly designed, prepared and hand-packed by our enthusiastic team of Little Handers.   All our gifts are designed from industry waste from London’s leading fashion brands! So not only will you inspire creativity and contribute with every purchase to our bursary scheme but also doing good for the environment.  And with prices from £0.50 to £25.- you will be sure to be spoilt for choice!

Here is to a HANDMADE Festive Season!

See you there!