Find out who the finalists and winners are….

We had a amazing summer, even if the weather wasn’t on our side for some of it! Our summer term and holiday courses were full of amazing creative ideas and the students really got on board with our festival and beachwear theme!

Our competitions are never about who makes the prettiest thing. It’s about getting students to challenge themselves and think outside the box. The are competing with themselves not each other.

Our Judge:

Tolly Dolly Posh (Tolmeia Gregory) is a 17-year-old ethical fashion blogger and designer committed to spreading awareness about the darker sides of the fashion industry and how, we, as consumers can make a change. Tolly’s blog has been featured in the likes of BBC Radio 4, i-D and DAZED as well as many other online and offline publications and she has just launched her first ethical collection of t-shirts in collaboration with Lost Shapes.

“Little Hands have been a great supporter of my blog for a while now so I couldn’t say no to judging in their lovely competition. I wish I knew as much as some of these talented people knew when I was 9 or 10, so hats off to all of the students, winners or not!”

Here’s the shortlist!

S – age 9

This up-cycled dress began life as a pre-made top but it was far too big for this student. She took it in at the sides sewing the lining and dress separately – a tricky technique. Then the front was still to big so we came up with the swirl idea which makes it really unique! She then added the skirt with loads of tiny pleats! Great attention to detail from a student who has been with us for about 3 years, she used to rush through projects but now it shows she’s taking her time to make them perfect!

A – aged 13

A saw very expensive jacket in shop and thought “I can make that myself! so she did! She came up with own design, brought in the fur and sequins. meticulously cut the strips to make the fabric and then used one of our patterns to turn it into a jacket! Great idea and executed really well, she has been a student for about 2 years. She really threw herself into making something she’s going to wear again and again! We can see this at home glamping in Glastonbury!


A aged 14

Brilliantly unique appliqué design which took her a few weeks to complete. Really impressed with her design skills and it is very fiddly to sew on such detailed appliqué. Student for about 2 years. Great attention to detail.

C – 9 years old

These may seem small but don’t be fooled! Fluffy’s swimming trunks are actually harder to make that people sized swimming shorts! C took the pattern herself from another item of fluffy’s clothes – the first try ended up too small as there was a slight miscalculation but she decided not to give up and added the lighter pink go faster stripes down the sides, making it even more fiddley! A great lesson in not giving up and you end up with something even better in the end. Student for 2 years.

N – 13 years old.

This student had never sewn before! she came in with an idea to make a Kylie Jenner inspired ultimate crop top. (Dress not homemade.) She adapted a jumper pattern we had an it worked amazingly. You’d never believe it was her first time sewing, and we were particularly impressed that she threw herself in to make something adventurous in her first week!

E aged 15

E is one of our more advanced students, she used one of our patterns but we love the care she took over making it perfect (something she’s struggled being patient for in the past) and great colour and fabric choices! So glam! Has been with us for about 6 years.

S – aged 7

Used our pattern. Great fabric choice and really well sewn, she used a decorative stitch for all the hems to make it extra special. Second time with us sewing at a holiday course, she is really improving her accuracy and design!

M – aged 9









It was M’s first time sewing over these summer holidays and she joined us for a few weeks! She’s a natural and don’t you think think whole outfit look like it could be in Cos or some other chic high street shop? Great unique style. the jacket is one of our patterns and she adapted the design of the dress to add a zip! (to stretch velvet!! Not at easy task) and to make it lower at the back than the front. Designer in the making.

E – age 11

E has been with us for a number of years for holiday courses. She used a commercial pattern for the first time with this dress, drawing out the shapes she needed herself and then dip dyed the dress to get the striking effect!

G – age 10

It was this students first time with us over the summer holidays but she has sewn before. Super impressed with her taking one of our patterns and making her it own! She added the tassels she made herself then tie dyed it and made a matching necklace to make the look pop.

L & M – aged 11


These two are quite experienced sewers and worked well as a team making their own swimming costumes! They bound all the edges and helped each other out with where to add their extra stripe detailing. They also fit really well with is not an easy thing to get right first time.

N & … aged 10 & …

Another team who made their own gymnast/ swimming suits! not an easy sewing task with stretch fabrics. they added the cute ruffle detail too.

A – aged 14

This 14 year old is an amazing dressmaker she has been sewing with us for 4/5 years and sews a lot at home. She used one of our patterns but adapted it to have wide legs. The fabric is delicious and it fits her really well. She worked really hard on the finishes like an invisible zip and binding.

E – age 12      E has been sewing for 1 – 2 years. She used our pattern but came up with design added tunnel and elastic worked hard to make elastic tunnel straight and finish neckline neatly to make this beach dress. You have to be very accurate to get the tunnel in the middle straight and she did it really well.

O – aged 10

This student has attended out holiday courses for a few years. But this year she’s really come into her own with making things her style. This is a completely homemade outfit, head to toe (well maybe not the shoes!) All using our patterns, we were really impressed with how she has improved her accuracy and attention to detail.

Z – age 14

Sewing for a number of years. The skorts were made using a commercial pattern and they fit really well and the top is one from our summer collection. Great attention to detail and looks awesome as an outfit.


D – aged 7


This crazy creation is actually a dragon outfit for her dog! We couldn’t leave it out of the competition. So creative and great perseverance to add the wings and horns and finish off the t-shirt with great hemming!




First Place: O 10 years old


The judge says:

‘As someone who loves ethical fashion and appreciates the art of homemade clothing the fact that she’s made a whole outfit herself is definitely worthy of being crowned the winner. ‘

Second Place:

M. 9 years

The Judge says:

‘I totally agree with M’s work being suitable for a chic and style shop. For a first time sewer, she obviously has an eye for design and can work well with different techniques and materials. Simplicity can often look better than adding too many details.’


3rd Place:

N. and sister 10 years/7yrs

The Judge says:

‘It was a close call to decide on my favourite swimwear but I love the ruffles added to these two. Very on trend and the colours are beautifully bright!


A 13 years

The judge says: ‘Taking a design into your own hands is such a great way to avoid shopping on the high street and make something more personal to you. Love the textures used here and obviously the great skill involved!’



A 13 years

The judge says:  ‘Another piece which looks fit for the high street, the style and cut of the jumpsuit looks awesome and the fact it has an invisible zip is rather impressive.’