This term’s design competition is all about re-cycling, up-cycling, using waste to design and make beautiful clothes and accessories.  We will be talking about the emotional value as opposed to the money we pay for our clothes and why almost all of us in the western world have more clothes than we need…  The winning entries, as always, will be judged on effort and challenges put in considering experience, age and ability of student.  We are very happy to have Sarah from judging the competition at the beginning of the New Year.

Here at Little Hands Design we strive to instil valuable skills into all of those who come into the studio. We also believe it is important to teach our students how to use these skills to impact and improve the world. This term, our focus is on sustainability and the true cost of fashion. Yes, clothes are nice to wear and fun to buy, but have you ever reflected on how consumerism in the fashion industry impact our environment? The rise of ‘fast’ fashion has brought on an even larger rise in the amount of clothes that are being thrown away, depleting necessary resources and increasing waste.

However, we are not without hope. Fashion companies all over the world are making it their mission to improve their practices to lessen the negative effects on the environment. By experimenting with sustainable materials, up-cycling fabrics and providing drop-off stations for people to easily donate their clothes (H&M) , fashion companies are really putting their money where their mouth is. Here at Little Hands, most of the materials we use are industry waste thanks to the support we receive from fashion brands such as Ted Baker, Orlebar Brown etc. who are happy to know that we are educating the next generation of designers with their waste materials which would otherwise end up in landfill – a perfect WiN-Win situation! We also offer lots of workshops that encourage participants to up-cycle already purchased items instead of buying new ones. From purses made out of old wrapper to moms old table cloths, we are trying to spread the message!!!

And our Little Hands team is ‘walking the talk’: from Jaime – who has completed her Masters with Distinction researching why we buy so many clothes, to Sarah in her final year at London School of Fashion looking into changing consumer’s buying behaviours – PLEASE fill in her survey here, Astrid – a master in turning waste into beautiful projects and always keen to collaborate with like minded institutions, e.g. we just run several workshops in collaboration with The North London Waste Authority  and charity to raise awareness and offer alternatives to buying and disposing Halloween costumes every year! Loredana – who can often be seen to be making things from waste for impoverished children all over the world; Shilpa with her label House of Bilimoria making designer fashion out of vintage Saris and fabrics and and and…


For more information on sustainability and consumerism, check out our previous blog post here: Sustainable Fashion Within A Consumerism Focussed Environment