It’s the perfect size for a little bit of change and an oyster or library card and super simple to make.


You Will Need:

Oil Cloth or Non fraying fabric and 1 zip

1 x wallet (starter)
2 x back and front (adv)
1 x pocket
1 x tab/strap for lanyard (optional)

Which version do you want to make? Check out our video for the advanced version you turn inside out! Or keep looking at the step by step if you want to make the easy version. 


Easy Version



Fold wallet in half lengthways and mark the centre line in pencil. Only half way across the wallet.

Place zip onto centre line, right side of zip to wrong side of fabric. With the start of the zip at the edge of the fabric. Mark the zip with pencil where the centre is on your zip. You will stop sewing here!


Use a zipper foot to sew around the zip, when you get to the marking turn the corner by making sure the needle is down, presser foot up and pivot fabric, presser foot down and continue sewing. Turn wallet over and cut along centre exposing the zip.


Cut off the excess zip!

Fold purse wrong sides together, add pocket to opposite end of purse. Use a bull dog clip keep in place.



If you want to add lanyard cut a small tab of fabric and insert into side with zip now.


Sew around entire outside of purse. 0.5 from edge. (Trim edges) Cut off any excess zip tape but secure with stitching first!

Sew a line down the centre of the purse to separate zipped pocket and card pocket and the purse is done!