NEW: Sustainable Fashion Clubs at YOUR school!

These practical, hands-on, fun-packed sessions will teach you how to develop your own unique dress sense, become responsible consumers and how to design and make clothes and accessories whilst being mindful of the environment. We are lucky to have the support of leading fashion brands and will experiment with their kindly donated industry waste materials of highest quality. We will dive into the world of mending, altering and thrifting, learn about the life cycle of clothes, become socially conscious influencers and find out about new technologies aimed at reducing the impact of fashion on the environment. Priority is given to pupils wishing to complete their Duke of Edinburgh ‘skills’ (from age 12+ yrs) who can then also continue to join us for their ‘volunteering’ (from age 14+ yrs). But we also welcome younger (from age 8+yrs) and older fashionistas (no age restriction!) with a keen interest to learn and become creative! 


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 Weekly after-school classes:

We are running a pilot scheme of SUSTAINABLE FASHION CLUBS at the London School of Mosaic.  They are currently fully booked.




We will not be running holidays classes during the Spring term 2019 to give us time for our fundraising to set up Sustainable Fashion Clubs in local primary and secondary schools. 


We will soon announce (hopefully end of February!) our new Saturday Surgeries.  A chance for everyone, from very young to wise, to join us for #shoppingfromthewardobe , #luxuryupcycle , #handmade and other #selfoptimization projects!