Crafting is often a common pastime among children as they are learning how to be creative and independent. It is a great way to open their minds to new things and how to teach them to not only be creative in their designs but also in their techniques.

One of the best ways to foster this creativity, through crafting in your child, is to incorporate sewing into their lives. Sewing is a practical and useful hobby that is also therapeutic and great for all ages – before you know it they will be sewing labels by Wunderlabel onto their new line of clothing.





Children can enjoy sewing from a young age, but it is important that they get started on the right machine for them. There are several brands and styles for a reason – not all sewing machines are the same and not all of them are right for children… Some might be too difficult, and others might be too dangerous. But, you want one that is sturdy and will help your child succeed in their newfound crafting love.




Here at Little Hands Design, we use the Hobby Pfaff 1132 which now being replaced with the ‘Smarter Pfaff’ which we can highly recommend.  In our experience, the Pfaff machines are superior to other brands in terms of durability and ease of use. To get excellent service before and after purchase and a highly competitive price go to Tony’s Sewing Centre  Do mention that your child is a student at Little Hands Design!  Tony’s Sewing Centre supplies Little Hands Design with all their machines and repairs and maintains them since many years.

We often get asked about the smaller machines on the market in lovely colours especially for kids and we have had many students coming in with them to our classes to learn how to use them.  We personally do not recommend these machines as they are as tricky to thread as the bigger machines, so no advantage there!  However, they are not as robust – one of the key necessities for something a child uses, and seem to break much quicker than a sturdy and simple normal sized machine. But do not take our word for it – look at this blog comparing lots of machines for their suitability for kids

Do not be tempted by any online offers, no matter how competitive, as they are often real traps when something goes wrong with your machine such as maybe charging you for sending the machine back!

Sewing can be frustrating in the beginning stages, especially without the right tools in hand. But, the right sewing machine can make all the difference in completing new patterns and creating new pieces.  We offer all our students that they can bring in their new machines to learn how to use them properly in a drop-in or during regular classes.  You could also give them a voucher for some sessions with us – that way you can be sure that your present will not gather dust in the corner!


The perfect sewing machine will help your child develop skills they will be able to use for years to come! And, who knows? They might even make you a little something as a token of their appreciation.